KAMISORI 'BARBER KIT' Haircutting Shears Set

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KAMISORI 'BARBER KIT' Haircutting Shears Set


Introducing the Kamisori Barber Kit! The Kamisori Barber kit comes with the renowned Kamisori 7" Teuton shears paired with the master grade Diamond texturizer. Handcrafted in Japan by our senior bladesmiths. The Teuton is crafted using the highly sought after ATS-314 premium cobalt steel and the Diamond texturizer is crafted using Japanese Molybdenum steel.

Now you can get these top notch shears at a set price with the new Kamisori Barber Kit. + Be one of the first to receive the new KAMISORI 2019 Luxury Cases!  

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Kamisori Teuton

Kamisori Diamond Text.



Star Rating: 6 (High) 

Type of handle: Offset 

Teuton Model Steel: ATS-314 genuine Japanese forged Cobalt steel 

Diamond Model Steel: Genuine Japanese forged molybdenum 

Rockwell Hardness: 62 

Diamond Text. Teeth: 30 

Diamond Text. Cut percentage: 25-30% 

Type of edge: Kamisori Japanese 3D Convex 

Ring size: Medium/Large (can be made smaller by ring inserts) 

Type of finger rest: Fixed 

Tension type: Super durable ball-bearing system 

Life span: 20-25 years


List of awards: 

American Salon Pro's Choice (multi-year), Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice (multi-year),

Hairdresser Journal Stylists Choice, Canadian Salon Hairdresser Favorite tools , Coiffure de Paris 


This model comes with:

Exclusive Kamisori lifetime warranty

One-year drop warranty

Satisfaction guarantee

2019 Luxury Kamisori case